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From "Dirk Frederickx" <>
Subject Re: [general] New JSPWiki release... Out of the box Apache based wiki?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 19:35:36 GMT
> > Do you have some test suite to be sure that the bundle works fine?
> Yes, there are webtests (ant webtests), but they are a bit tricky to
> get running.  There's a shell script which *should*
> get you going.  Be warned though: I'm not quite sure whether it's
> updated to the latest changes in the default template.  Dirk might
> know more.  I know Juanpablo was working on some JMeter-based test
> scripts, but I don't know the current status of those.

The web_tests are still failing I'm afraid.
So far I've not been able to get the full environment properly setup.
Help appreciated.


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