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From Andrew Jaquith <>
Subject Re: JSPWiki 2.6.0 release
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 02:45:02 GMT
All -- got Selenium running in an automated way via Ant. Works just  
dandy. Checking to see how much work it will take to port everything  
in one shot from JWebunit to Selenium. Because it can run with JUnit  
like Selenium, it shouldn't be too hard -- change some classes and  
methods, etc.

While I'm at it, I'm also correcting as many of the JWebunit tests as  
I can... more news later.


On Nov 26, 2007, at 5:58 PM, Juan Pablo Santos Rodríguez wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been tinkering with webtests awhile from now. The thing is,  
> once you
> manage to make them (JWebUnit) run, via Eclipse or Ant, you'll see  
> about 60%
> of them will fail because they make assertions against unlocalized  
> text (aka
> 2.4.x template). This is the biggest issue with them, IMHO. Also,  
> I've seen
> that  JWebUnit + JUnit 3.8.x has some difficulties parsing mootools  
> library
> (JUnit 4.3 seems to be ok). Regarding the fact of launching webtests  
> via Ant
> script: I haven't been able to look at it, but Andrew's commit at
> 2.5.158should help get them running.
> I've began to translate web tests to JMeter, but just now there is  
> only a
> simple Login&Logout web-test. I'll gladly translate them gradually  
> but -and
> it's a very big but-, for the next 3 weeks I'm not going to be able  
> to work
> too much on them (sorry for the screamings there on Finland, :-s),  
> ie: today
> I've arrived home at 22.30 from work, and it seems it's not going to  
> change
> in the following weeks, so the time I can put into it is mostly dawn /
> weekends (for several reasons, 5 out 10 people in my project  
> switched job
> with deadline 3 weeks ahead.. urg). I haven't look into Selenium very
> deeply, but if anyone want's to, it can be another option, right now  
> there
> are only 2 out of 16 webtests translated.
> Besides of that, I found that JMeter isn't exactly intuitive at  
> first but,
> once you get it, it's very straightforward. If someone is  
> interested, this
> pdf<

> >it's
> a very good starting point on this tool. JWebUnit tests were also
> making report files at tests/reports, and they've been for me the  
> place to
> look at when something were wrong with them.
> Finally, on 2.6.0: I'll give a +1 on that. Janne, Dirk & all: you've  
> put a
> huge amount of work on that to happen. I'd like to see David's Au  
> patch on
> FCK and ShortUrlConstructor but, right now, I feel I do speak too  
> much and
> commit not so much (and I'd really like to have the time to make it  
> the
> opposite), so it's more a wish than show-stopper :-)
> Cheers,
> JP
> 2007/11/26, Craig L Russell <>:
>> Hi Murray,
>> Distributions of Apache projects must follow this guidance: http://
>> JUnit uses the Common Public License which is an Apache Category B
>> license, suitable for distribution by an Apache project as a binary.
>> If an Apache project uses LGPL libraries, it must not distribute
>> them. And although it's not an absolute rule, a project that uses
>> LGPL won't graduate from incubation.
>> Craig
>> On Nov 26, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Murray Altheim wrote:
>>> Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> The question is: who can commit time to fix our web unit tests
>>>> using whatever they fancy, if we consider that to be the only
>>>> blocking factor for 2.6 release?  If the answer involves any of
>>>> the words "nobody", "christmas", or "holiday", I'm going to a)
>>>> scream, and b) release.  May be sloppy, but really - our webtests
>>>> are in a really, really awful shape.
>>> Janne,
>>> I suppose one question is permitted from the ignorant: I realize
>>> Apache
>>> wants everything to be Apache-licensed, but LGPL is hardly a problem
>>> license. Is there a *hard* requirement that everything released as
>>> part
>>> of an Apache software project be *all* Apache-licensed? I.e., is it
>>> possible we could continue to use JUnit? It's what we all know and  
>>> if
>>> we were able to put any time into fixing unit tests I'd personally
>>> rather invest that time into fixing tests than learning Yet Another
>>> Software Package. Another alternative (at least for the interim) is
>>> that
>>> we continue to use JUnit but not include those files in the Apache
>>> distribution. If that's possible it would give us a window at least.
>>> Murray
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