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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Lucene 2.2.0 and OSCache 2.3.1
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2007 23:54:06 GMT
I've upgraded the jars of both Lucene 2.2.0 and OSCache 2.3.1 in my
working copy of JSPWiki without any issues (other than a minor change
from several deprecated methods I had commented out in my own code due
to using the older jars from JSPWiki to avoid conflict within Ceryle).
The search engine seems to be working fine in the wiki -- not sure if
if there are external dependencies I don't know about, but there were
no compile problems.

I can forward these two files along if desired, otherwise are there
any issues with replacing them in the CVS? Especially moving into
Apache it would seem a good idea to have at least Lucene be up to

   537494 2007-10-28 12:18 lucene-core-2.2.0.jar
   124197 2007-10-22 03:12 oscache-2.3.1.jar

I realize that the oscache.jar in the distro claims to be 2.3.1, but
this is not the case (given at least one method is different, the
Cache.getSize() method does not exist in oscache.jar but it does in
2.3.1). The jar I'm using is the one downloaded from the OpenSymphony


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