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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Issues register for JSPWiki metadata support?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 09:01:38 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
> Well, I seem to recall I tasked you a few months ago to start working on 
> one ;-)

Heh, I guess I just need a call to action. :-o

> I'd really rather stop making up our own backends, and move to an 
> industry standard solution such as JSR-170.  It has a very rich metadata 
> model (in which even the page content is just metadata).  If we want, we 
> can then build our own light-weight JSR-170 implementation (it's not 
> hard, if you don't aim for full TCK compatibility) which is compatible 
> with existing repositories.

I completely agree, but we also need a lower-level API that the higher-
level (JSP-170 level) API is a subset of, a simple API for file system
providers and for implementations that simply don't need the complexity
of JSR-170 (either from an installation, implementation or footprint
standpoint), a simple API that still has metadata support. Not sure how
to do that, but it IMO probably should be a requirement unless we're
going to let JSPWiki become a heavyweight-only application. I kinda like
the ability to just use a simple file system provider sometimes (and in
fact, ended up adding a file backend my XNodeStore a long time after
implementing a Xindice, Exist, and finally BerkeleyDB DB backends). Also,
for a lot of ISPs (mine, forinstance), it may be difficult to manage a
DB-based backend, even completely embedded. I like being able to simply
copy that 'pages' directory between version upgrades.

[not sure how lucid that last paragraph was but I'm short of time to
go back and edit it.]

Okay, will begin investigating this with more attention...


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