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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Issues register for JSPWiki metadata support?
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:35:03 GMT

Just wondering, since you seem to have alluded to potential planning
for upcoming support for WikiPage metadata in future versions of
JSPWiki, if you have any existing requirements or designs that you'd
be willing to share, or if there's an existing place where we might
lodge what might be requirements on metadata functionality?

As an example, the current page attributes are delivered as a Java
Map. Because Maps uses unique keys this would eliminate the ability
to be able to store properties that have the same name. With Dublin
Core metadata there's generally (in common usage) the idea that
there may be multiple DC.creator entries for an given resources (e.g.,
documents written by more than one author), and certainly more than
one DC.contributor (when there are multiple contributors, which
would certainly be the case with wiki pages). The limitation of Map
is currently stinging me...

If there's a place (perhaps a page on JSPWiki, or a document somewhere)
where we might begin to put together a set of requirements, this might
help when the design starts getting fleshed out.



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