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From Robert Vesse <>
Subject Re: Graduation & code re-org
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:07:07 GMT
That looks good, it would certainly be nice to have a single parent POM in
the top level directory so I can just hit mvn package and build
everything.  Currently I have all the modules I care about checked out in
adjacent directories and have a bash script in the top level directory
which does a cd and mvn package on each subdirectory

Having something pure maven would be much nicer.

On the subject of further reorg I would propose that like previous
discussions from a couple of months ago we first get a post graduation
release of at least the core components out the door branding with
incremental version numbers.  Then we immediately work towards refactoring
everything to be in the org.apache.jena package and do a major version
release with the repackage change only (assuming we decide that
standardizing package names is the way we want to go long term?)


On 4/24/12 8:40 AM, "Andy Seaborne" <> wrote:

>One step in the graduation process is to move the SVN repository.
>There is also JENA-191 which is to re-organise the structure.
>Combining the two seems to me to be a good idea - just one step of major
>Move the tree exactly as is (I suspect we need infra to make that change
>because of security)
>Then "immediately" make these changes which move the main modules into a
>single trunk arrangement.
>/Jena2/IRI/trunk -> /trunk/jena-iri
>/Jena2/ARQ/trunk -> /trunk/jena-arq
>/Jena2/jena/trunk -> /trunk/jena-core
>/Jena2/TDB/trunk -> /trunk/jena-tdb
>/Jena2/Fuseki/trunk -> /trunk/jena-fuseki
>/Jena2/SDB/trunk -> /trunk/jena-sdb
>/Jena2/LARQ/trunk -> /trunk/jena-larq
>/Jena2/JenaTop/trunk -> /trunk/jena-top ?? jena-parent
>/Jena2/Examples/trunk -> /trunk/jena-examples
>This is minimal - further changes may be needed.
>Initially the build will be as now, we can then change it because we now
>have the right layout.  We then have a one-step build.
>(Paolo has experimented with a multiple module build in jena-dist)
>If I hear nothing in 3 days (or a bit more :-), I'll start this process.
>	Andy
>PS And I'd like to get a new release of IRI/core/ARQ/TDB as a single
>release ASAP (1) various bug fixes and (2) no "incubator".

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