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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject I/O and extensibility.
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 08:37:42 GMT

> Perhaps, we should add an explicit unsetBase*ClassName(...) call.
> In future, it would be nice to give users the ability to easily register/unregister their
RDF readers and writers making easy for third parties to add their own  serialization formats
and/or parsers
> from native formats.
> Paolo


and tell me what you think.

It's a complete replacement for reading models (and more) in Jena and 
integrates filemanager-isms and  It does proper HTTP conneg.

(anything {X} is a replacement for current {X}.java)

The current public API works --, FileManager.get().read/load. 
  FileManger like functionality is built into all read operations.

There is one reader implementation (RDFReaderRIOT) - it uses file 
extension (and URL extensions), Accept: media type and the app-supplied 
language name to decide what the syntax.

WebReader2 is a collection of functions to read triples/quads.  It's the 
new front-door.

See WebReader2.addTripleSyntax/addQuadSyntax for extensibility.

WebReader2.wireIntoJena/resetJenaReaders are just for running with 
existing Jena. is a class of many constants for mapping media types to 
handlers.  None of this fixed RDFReaderFImpl stuff.

There are some misnamings - things have grown over time (e.g. 
addTripleSyntax is a "add or replace").


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