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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject DB2, RDF, and Jena?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 21:48:59 GMT

The Apache Jena project is a Java framework for building semantic web 
applications based on graph data, and Apache Fuseki is the SPARQL server 
that processes the SPARQL queries and spits out the relationships so 
they can be visualized in some fashion. (Cray's new Urika system, 
announced in March, runs this Apache graph analysis stack on top of a 
massively multithreaded server.)

Just like they imported objects and XML into the DB2 database so they 
could be indexed and processed natively, IBM is now bringing in the RDF 
format so that graph triples can be stored natively.

As IBM explains it – not strictly grammatically, to some English majors 
– a triple has a noun, a verb, and a predicate, such as Tim (noun) has 
won (verb) the MegaMillions lottery (predicate). You can then query all 
aspects of a set of triples to see who else has won MegaMillions – a 
short list, in this case.

In tests among DB2 10.1 early adopters, applications that used these 
graph triples ran about 3.5 times faster on DB2 than on the Jena TDB 
data store (short for triple database, presumably) with SPARQL 1.0 
hitting it for queries.

(Dear Reg, TDB does not stand for "triple database")


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