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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Enterpicy data (was: Re: Fuseki: any issue which need to be closed before a release?)
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 22:04:11 GMT
On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Paolo Castagna
<> wrote:
>> * an svn tag corresponding to a versioned release that is readily
>> buildable using standard tools
>> * a description of actual real life deployment environments
>> (hardware+software+config+service dependencies), associated data sets
>> and achieved performance/uptime, easily findable on your website
> That would be really be useful, alongside best practices for:
>  - high availability
>  - security
>  - load balancing
>  - monitoring
>  - request throttling
>  - ...
> Even if you get away with these saying: "it's just a standard web app".

Yeah, I think that's what it amounts to for fuseki. The relevant
bullet point would be along the lines of "no sessions, deployments
exist of multiple instances with one backing database".

> Just checking, by "your website" do you mean Apache Jena website?

Yup, or, write on your blog but put the link on the site :)

> What other Apache projects do that? (sorry for my ignorance).

Too few! From memory, I think lucene, solr and hadoop have or used to
have a bunch of that kind of stuff on their website. ActiveMQ had a
lot of good content about older versions, most of that is on the
fusesource site now.

> Having said that, things such as performances and/or uptime do not
> depend only on a specific software, it's a mix of different software,
> architecture, processes and people. Isn't it?

Absolutely. So the useful thing is a combined description of the
hardware, how its configured, what it is being used for, the test
process (ideally with code), and the numbers actually found for that
specific situation. Anything less, well, the good engineers will
probably ignore it :-)

I wouldn't worry about trying to producing numbers for artificial
purposes, it takes too much time. But publish what you do have and
encourage others to do the same.



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