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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Fuseki: any issue which need to be closed before a release?
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 10:50:52 GMT
Hi Alexander

Alexander Dutton wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> On 12/03/12 09:37, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> (major) (... a patch
>> from Alexander might come for this)
> I'm happy to push this further up my todo list if people feel it would
> be a useful thing to include in the release. It would make our lives
> easier here were it to be in the release, but if there's not that much
> demand for it then it needn't block. Also, I don't remember any concious
> decision to mark it as major, so I probably forgot to set that field
> appropriately.

Do you have a patch ready for this?
Or, have you started already working on it? If so, what's missing from the patch?

With open source projects and Apache projects, if you really need something it's better you
do it yourself. :-)
I can review a patch if you submit it and help refining/testing it, if necessary.
But, I know I'll have no time to do that myself before the first Fuseki release. Also, it
is a feature which (although useful) I've not seen many people asking for.

>> Is any of this a blocker for a first release?
> ^^
>> JENA-201, even if flagged as minor, I think it's quite important if
>> we want to successfully allow Fuseki to be deployed and used in
>> 'enterprisy' environments.
> Another thing that might be useful for 'enterprisy' environments would
> be Debian and/or RPM packaging, though these probably want to wait until
> after the release. (I've had a look at the Debian side, but I'm no
> expert, and dealing with non-tarball upstreams (as things are at the
> moment) is messy).

Oh, well... .deb and/or .rpm packages are useful.
But, you need to be careful with Java, since Java typically have different assumption than
most of C stuff and/or shared libraries.
I tend to avoid installing Java .deb and/or .rpm packages because I find the fact of having
everything (i.e. binaries, configuration, etc.) in a single (or two) folders quite useful.
Different Linux distributions have different 'conventions' on where to put stuff and you need
to deal with yet another 'dependencies' management system, etc.
What do you find inconvenient with a download and unzip/untar approach? Other than you do
not get the new software when you type sudo apt-get update? Oh, yeah, and perhaps scripts
in /etc/init.d/...
to start/stop things...
Having said that, if someone goes ahead and make .deb and/or .rpm packages for Fuseki or other
Apache Jena components, I am certainly not going to vote against that. :-)
... but, I am not sure I am going to use those (as I do not use them for many other Java apps
or the JVM itself).
(We use .deb packages for Java services at work).

Thanks Alex for your reply.


> All the best,
> Alex

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