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From Dave Reynolds <>
Subject Re: IRI woes
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2012 17:58:10 GMT
On 10/03/12 15:18, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 10/03/12 15:06, Dave Reynolds wrote:
>> All of a sudden some jena-related projects are all failing to compile in
>> Maven, due to:
>> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.hp.hpl.jena.iri.IRIException
>> They were working yesterday, indeed earlier this morning but m2e thought
>> it would be a nice idea to update dependencies for me and everything
>> broke.
>> I can see IRI has shifted namespace but don't see why Maven is finding
>> an inconsistent set of jars. I did have the dependency as
>> jena-tdb:0.9.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT, changing that to
>> jena-tdb:0.9.0-incubating didn't fix anything.
>> No doubt some mess at my end and I'll have to nuke ~/.m2 yet again and
>> start over.
>> However, if anyone also experiences similar problems and finds the
>> solution please let me know.
>> Dave
> Looks like you are picking up some post-release SNAPSHOT.

Yes but not sure why.  A large scale nuke of ~/.m2 plus several cycles 
of reindex-local-maven/restart eclipse fixed it.


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