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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Jena TDB 0.9.0 (RC-4)
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 10:04:33 GMT
On 22/02/12 19:13, Stephen Allen wrote:
> Hmm, now I'm seeing some inconsistent test failures on my Windows
> machine.  The tests work sometimes (such as when they are run in
> isolation), but they occasionally fail when all tests are run ("mvn
> test").  I've attached the test failures.
> All tests work fine on my Linux machine.
> I'm hazarding a guess that this may be related to the JDK bug with
> memory mapped files not being released in Windows?
> -Stephen

Stephen, thanks for the details.

Th tests "should" be windows-safe (independent files are created, 
instead of reusing files - you should see lots of directories in the 
test area). It wasn't an occasional - it was every time!

How occasional are these errors?  1 in 2? 1 in 10?

Both the errors are occurring in the test set up, not a test itself!

Things that occur to me:

1/ Antivirus software checking kicking in
2/ Two sets of tests running (and very bad luck!)
3/ err ...

At this point, I'm inclined to continue with the release.



Previous tests in the run used this "before()" code OK!
This is what suggested AV to me.

The failure is in TestBlockMgrDirect so it should be a direct mode test, 
not a mmap files issue.

    FileOps.delete(filename) ;
*  BlockAccess file = new BlockAccessDirect(filename, BlkSize) ;

Caused by: target\tdb-testing\block-mgr 
(Access is denied)


( =>
String prefix = t.get(1).getLiteralLexicalForm() ;

so t is null, or t.get(1) is null, both of which suggest something 
messing around with the file (prefix table) behind the tests back.

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