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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject FreeMarker license
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 11:52:04 GMT
Dear Mentors (mainly),

Before going to legal@ or LEGAL-, I'd like to get advice about this 
license.  The objective is to redistribute the binary in the Fuseki 
server jar.

The server jar is a single jar of all the binaries combined.  You can 
run Fuseki with "java -jar OneJar".  So it's unpacking the original 
binary and repacking in a combined jar.

Question: is it worth even pursuing this route?

The license is at:

it is BSD...ish.  It has 4 clauses:

1 - the BSD clause about source code distribution.

2 - The binary redistribution clause is replaced by one needing either 
acknowledge in end-user documention or acknowledgement "in the software 
in the normal place"

3 - No endorsement by using the name FreeMarker.

4 - Name protection clause.

Their copyright date is out of date :-)  They released in 2011.


Plan B1 is use Velocity but that seems to need an external file and has 
issues with unnecessary dependencies.

Plan B2 is to use StringTemplate which is 3-clause BSD.  But it's not 
quite up to date in maven central (4.0.2 vs 4.0.5).

Velocity : I didn't find out how to control velocity without an external 
file like tools.xml; to use velocity-tools I either ended up with a lot 
of extra stuff, or had to tune the maven excludes to avoid pulling in 
struts (this is fixed in Velocity tools 2.1 but it's not out yet and 
Fuseki needs non-snapshots to release with).   I may revisit this if I 
have time.

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