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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject TDB release RC 3 : Preparation
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 13:31:08 GMT
sebb wrote:
> The binary N&L files need to be sorted out before release.


The distribution will have it's own specific NOTICE and LICENSE: 
NOTICE-dist and LICENSE-dist in SVN, renamed as N and L in distribution.

ICU4J and slf4j:

NOTICE-dist has statements of copyright
LICENSE-dist has their full copyright/license statements.

Other than that, it's a lot of Apache software :-)

JUnit is not part of the binary distribution.

Please check.

> The tag and the packaging also need to be sorted out before release.

Tag: Done (checked out the project inside itself - doh!).


== distribution area


Website points to /download

   /source-release/ID-VER/ etc
   /download/ID-VER/ID-VER.jar ID-VER-sources.jar
and distributions:


We have two audiences: the Apache process and norms, and Jena users.  We 
distribute direct to users.  Some of our users are not experienced Java 
programmers so something very clear as to what to download will reduce 
our support costs. Not everyone uses maven. Access to jars and source 
jars has been important to Jena, via distribution downloads.

There's only two place to put files: the Nexus repository and the dist/ 
area.  I don't think the website itself is suitable aside from the 
unofficialness of the route; does not seem helpful 

I don't like the names "/sources" and "/binaries" for a Java.  That's 
fine for a C view of the world but not for Java where it would be good 
to provide the source code for the jar in "binaries", so two meanings of 

Proposed layout:


The website will point to /dist/incubator/jena/download/ so a user 
wanting to download files is taken to somewhere where the user downloads 
most prominent.

Then ...


so just the "source-release" files for the release in this directory.

tar.gz, .zip, with all the .sha1, .md5 and .asc files => 8 files which 
makes it worth adding the extra /MOD-VER/  ?bz2 => 12


with jar, sources.jar for the plain modules.
No source-release files here.

Top level: the main download "unpack and go" files.


Possible alternative:

The web site points to:
and this has all the distribution files.

/download/MOD-VER/ as before.

== download zips and maven

This was mentioned, but not as a blocker.

The issue is practicality.  "mvn deploy" does the work, making it easy 
to have distributions based on snapshots available.  I think this is 

And then on release, the files have to go somewhere.  At the moment, the 
staging area is all the files.

The source-release artifact is uploaded (it's an example of a file that 
has no use to maven later) by some projects (e.g. sling)

Proposal: Later, after the project reorg.

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