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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Deadline for patches for inclusion in Fuseki release
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 22:06:13 GMT
On 06/02/12 17:21, Robert Vesse wrote:
> On a local network it does not seem to be beneficial, it adds a few
> seconds of overhead.

I was trying gzip (in Java) today for Fuseki backups - I found similarly 
that writing to disk was faster without gzip.

The Java gzip was about "gzip -6" in time and space reduction achived 
with large enough gzip buffer - I used 8K where the default is 0.5K.

> Due to other more pressing work I haven't had
> chance to test for the overheads when used over a decidedly non-local
> network though I should get chance to do that later today at which
> point I'll submit the patch.
> The Fuseki patch I have at the moment enables the filter by default
> but due to the way Jetty works the filter only gets applied if the
> client explicitly states that they accept GZip encoded content with
> the Accept-Encoding parameter.

I think that's correct generally, not a Jetty-ism.  If the client does 
not ask for it, it should not happen (the client may not have the 
ability or desire to uncompress e.g scripting languages, curl etc).

> Browsers typically send this so it may be that it would be best to
> have this feature off by default because if people do prototyping and
> testing on their local machine with their browser they may see slower
> performance because of this.

Agreed. Off by default.

> However most SPARQL clients in various
> APIs probably won't include this header by default - whether this
> wants to be enabled by default will probably depend on the
> performance figures. > I'll aim to have the submitted patch make the
> behavior configurable and leave it up to you whether you want to have
> it enabled/disabled by default once you've seen the figures.
> Rob
> ps. I also have a related patch for ARQ which allows it to ask for
> GZip and Deflate encoded content though I'll likely package that as
> part of a more extensive patch for QueryEngineHttp I've been working
> on which also adds in support for configuring requested content
> type.

ARQ isn't being released - just Fuseki so this is less time critical.


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