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From Robert Vesse <>
Subject Fuseki+ARQ release cycle
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 00:54:43 GMT
I wanted to raise an issue with the upcoming Fuseki release which is that the release will
rely on ARQ 2.9.0 which has a number of known issues particularly around the RDF/JSON and
TSV formats most of which have since been fixed in trunk (aka 2.9.1-SNAPSHOT).

The current version of our software here at Cray already uses a patched version of Fuseki
0.2.0 because there were some patches we really needed but management would not approve use
of a snapshot.  With some of these issues in ARQ 2.9.0 I'm already thinking that what we'll
end up doing is using a patched version of Fuseki 0.2.1 for our next version because again
there are bug fixes we'd really like to pick up.

Therefore what I'd like to propose is that one of the following happen:

1 - Fuseki 0.2.1 releases with ARQ 2.9.0 as its dependency but that fairly shortly afterwards
there is a 0.2.2 release to coincide with a ARQ 2.9.1 release

2 - Fuseki 0.2.1 releases at the same time as ARQ 2.9.1 and uses 2.9.1 as the dependency i.e.
there is never a Fuseki release that uses ARQ 2.9.0

I suspect option 1 would probably be preferable to most people because I assume the soon to
be released TDB 0.9.0 depends on ARQ 2.9.0 so if the ARQ version were to be bumped then there
would also need to be a TDB re-release in short order but I'd just like to put this out there
for discussion.


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