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From Robert Vesse <>
Subject Getting TDB command line utilities running on a Mac OS X?
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:39:31 GMT
Hi All

Anyone have experience with running the TDB command line tools on a Mac? I'm trying to dig
into JENA-199 and isolate whether the issue is at the Fuseki layer or the TDB layer so I wanted
to run my query against TDB directly using tdbquery.

But I run into a couple of problems:

1 - TDB won't build on my Mac unless I disable the tests because I get a whole bunch of Java
heap memory errors, I tried using MAVEN_OPTS to set -Xmx8g but I still get 71 errors which
cover three main errors - Java heap space, OutOfMemoryException and failed to initialize TestDynamicDataset

2 - I couldn't get the scripts to run at all because I couldn't seem to get my class path
configured properly, eventually I realized there was several problems.

Firstly I had to run mvn eclipse:eclipse to generate a .classpath file for the make_classpath_mvn
script to pick up the dependencies properly.

Secondly I noticed the last part of the query failed to add the target/classes directory to
my class path so I tried to hack that bit of shell script, as is it tries to add /classes
relative to the given directory when it should be /target/classes.  It looks like the script
is supposed to check whether that is already on the class path but fails to do so correctly
(at least on Mac)

Even with this fix I still run into issues which is that the tdb_init script which all the
scripts call invokes tdb_path which supposedly invokes the relevant make class path script
which as per my previous points I fixed to generate a valid class path.  But when invoked
via tdb_path returns no result (I determined this using echo statements) and I really don't
know enough about shell scripts to figure out why this fails.

As I can't get these to work in the meantime I'll try testing my bug via code instead.

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