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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Error handling and HTTP 1.1 support in SERVICE client
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 22:12:01 GMT
On 30/01/12 18:58, Stephen Allen wrote:
>> ARQ streams the results out (unless you ask something that can't like
>> wanting the text output form - in which case send to a file as a streamable
>> format and read the file back in.) .
>> CONSTRUCT isn't streamable - can you use a SELECT and generate the triples
>> for the CONSTRUCT as it streams?
> I'd been thinking that an additional API that did stream CONSTRUCT
> queries might be useful.  It would have to return an Iterator<Triple>
> instead of a Model.  This would work well for Fuseki, as it is only
> streaming RDF back to the client.  Combined with
> it would have spill-to-disk
> capability as well.
> -Stephen

Makes sense to add an

Iterator<Triple> execTriples()

to QueryExecution.

QueryExecutionBase can implement it easily (OMG that code is old and 
clunky!) and QueryEngineHTTP (the remote engine) can either pass the 
buck to execConstruct or feed the parser out to the iterator.


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