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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Error handling and HTTP 1.1 support in SERVICE client
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 15:40:23 GMT
Andy Seaborne wrote:
> SERVICE SILENT may be what you are looking for.  Strictly, this is
> continue (with no results) if any part fails but in ARQ, in normal
> usage, it is applied to each service request.
> See QueryIterService.

Thank you Andy (I forgot about SILENT... never used it before)

Pointers for me (in the future, when I'll search for this):

 "The SILENT keyword indicates that errors encountered while accessing
  a remote SPARQL endpoint should be ignored while processing the query.
  The failed SERVICE clause is treated as if it had a result of a single
  solution with no bindings."
  -- is here:

QueryIterator qIter ;
try {
    qIter = Service.exec((OpService)op, getExecContext().getContext()) ;
} catch (RuntimeException ex)
    if ( silent )
        Log.warn(this, "SERVICE: "+ex.getMessage()) ;
        return QueryIterSingleton.create(BindingFactory.binding(), getExecContext()) ;
    throw ex ;


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