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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Redirecting from wiki
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 15:57:55 GMT
On 22/01/12 00:46, Ian Dickinson wrote:
> On 21/01/12 18:58, Andy Seaborne wrote (on jena-users):
>> (there's various redirections but the old wiki isn't one of them).
> One thing we could try would be to use .htaccess to redirect the
> top-level wiki categories:
> In .htaccess:
> Options FollowSymLinks
> RewriteEngine on
> rewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]
> rewriterule ^(/wiki/tdb.*)$
> [r=301,nc]
> ... etc
> It would require disabling the /wiki alias in the apache site
> configuration file.
> Not perfect, but it might catch a reasonable number of cases. I'm happy
> to have a go at setting this up if we think it's the right thing to do.
> Ian

Good plan - go for it.

I have a backup of the wiki so the whole thing can be killed now.  Feel 
free to remove all the Aliases for the wiki.

When we graduate and get a domain name, we can simply change to CNAME to jena.a.o.  By that time, the fact it's brutal 
will not matter.  Anyone visiting would not have done so for a while so 
change is reasonable.

One softening would be to add a redirection landing page "You have 
arrived at this page because to visited or - we've moved ...."


PS I used 302 while testing and switched to 301 when I thought it 
worked.  Various things remember 301 and take the "permanently" part 

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