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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Fuseki repackage
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 21:36:55 GMT
On 12/01/12 20:13, Robert Vesse wrote:
> We actually reference it as a library (via maven) and call
> Fuseki.init() in our startup code to actually start up Fuseki.
> We then have our own init() routine which registers all the relevant
> query engines and does other setup - custom describe handler,
> optimization config etc
> Even if we were using 0.2.1 I think we would prefer not to use
> assembler descriptions as that would allow users to break things by
> changing the file.  Also we configure differently depending on the
> command line arguments our code received and I don't know that
> assembler would allow us to cope with that nicely (though I think we
> can call arbitrary code?)
> Rob


Thanks for the background.  The way a server is created programmatically 
has changed but not so as to block what you're doing.  Essentially, the 
configuration file is parsed to a set of dataset descriptions and the 
set of descriptors is passed to server creation.  There's no reason code 
couldn't create such a descriptor.  Learning from Joseki, I'm aiming for:

configuration -> java data objects -> build server

The data objects are structs - simply recording the configuration - and 
can be built by code as well.


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