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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Sorting out "eyeball"
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 19:25:28 GMT
Context: "Eyeball" is the jena application that is "lint for RDF".  It 
checks RDF graphs for common and easy-to-make mistakes.

While the code in Apache SVN has had the sourcecode headers upgraded, it 
hasn't been generally sorted up into a release able condition.  And of 
course everything is in the Import/ area.

As far as I aware, no one has plans to release in the near future.

Eyeball currently is downloadable from SourceForge.  Last release was 

It hasn't been updated in while, so it depends on non-Apache Jena.

Eyeball has various plug-ins so the licensing on auxiliary jars needs to 
be chased down and documented.  The tests don't run from ant (but do in 
Eclipse - bizarre).  I ran out of time tracking licenses on some very 
old jars where the license at the time was not obvious.
It would be easier to update the jars to newer ones.

I'd like to move from the main area of SVN into (for example), /Scratch, 
add some README/LICENS/NOTICE labelling and wait for the time when 
someone applies care and attention on it.

Should we also delete the jars that are checked in because of the 
license unclarity?  (They'd still be in Imports/ and we can leave notes.

What should go on the website temporarily?  I think we either need to 
remove the page or (better?) put a header on the top of the Eyeball 
pages to point to SF and explain the license.


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