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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Thinking about graduation
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:26:19 GMT
On 08/01/12 13:23, Leo Simons wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Jena's cleaned up all it's IP, moved all cpde amd development over
> here, produced an excellent release, added a committer, built a new
> website, moved it's community over to apache mailing lists, presented
> at ApacheCon, and much more.
> Jena did a good job wading through all the ASF documentation to figure
> out how to do things and so there was very little hands-on that any of
> the mentors needed to do.
> What else do you folks think you need to learn about apache before you
> are ready to graduate out of the incubator into your own PMC?
> If we in fact think jena may be ready to graduate,
> explains the process.
> cheers!
> - Leo

Good idea.

There is one matter to do still - the code is java-packaged under 
"com.hp.hpl.jena" and a small amount of "org.openjena".

We have already done the maven group id which, in some ways, is more 
visible as that's where the code goes for distribution.

While (maybe) not strictly necessary ("recommended, not mandatory") we 
have discussed repackaging to org.apache.jena, it seems very good 
practice to do so - and less confusing in the long term.  I haven't 
heard any objections to doing so.

It's a discontinuity bump for users - so this makes it "Jena3" to me.

I wouldn't want to be too ambitious for Jena3 or it will never happen 
but adding in other significant discontinuities at this point would be 
good. There are lots of internal changes I can think of, but they aren't 
large external changes dependent on a major version number change.


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