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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Jena 2.7.0
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2011 21:27:59 GMT
On 17/12/11 19:49, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> Please vote to approve this release:
>>    [ ] +1 Approve the release
>>    [ ]  0 Don't care
>>    [ ] -1 Don't release, because ...
> +1
> With a couple of important (short) comments:
> I suggest to put the files in a directory named 'apache-jena-2.7.0-incubating'
> in the Jena dist area (*not* in the root):
> If this is what you already had in mind, great.

No - I had in mind to put


as the contents of:

exactly as-is and as in the previous pre-release build proposal.

This will be archived and mirrored. We can then say widely

"download jena from"

and that statement will lead to the latest version.

Only the latest version is in the dist/ area.  On a new release, the 
dist/ area is replaced with the new release.  There is a link to the 
archive of previous Apache releases - the dist/ area uses fancy 
directory listing and I have put into a HEADER.html as strongly 
suggested (maybe required - I don't care - it's a good idea).

> I suggest not to publish the 'apache-jena' artifact in the Maven repository.
> It is not an artifact people can use for their dependencies and the files
> for the distribution are all in the dist area.

What is in staging and the proposed dist are is what is being voted for.
The vote is on what is proposed; any change and a new vote is needed.
I can't ask for a vote, then change the details after people have voted.

If you wish to change your vote, please do so before the deadline.


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