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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Pre-release clean-up.
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 21:52:24 GMT
** Outstanding

Sort out the license/copyright on the testing material in Jena and ARQ.

(something other than 15+ line statements on a 4-line, or sometimes 
less, file would be good from a usability POV)

Some are W3C copyright/license, the rest are granted content.

** Progress report

A/ Jar changes:
   Upgrade to Xerces 2.10.0
   Remove wstx-asl and stax-api (use Java6 runtime)
     This removes any LICENSE issues
   SLF4J upgrade to 1.6.4
   Apache httpcomponents core - upgrade to 4.1.3

B/ Add BUILD instructions to modules

C/ Update JenaZip NOTICE and LICENSE

As well as Leo's analysis ...

The ICU4J and SLF4J LICENSE files contains a copyright statement so I've 
added copyright to the NOTICE for JenaZip.

ICU4J refers to the Unicode Consortium license so I've included that in 
LICENSE and it's copyright statement in NOTICE.

D/ After looking at other projects (e.g. Xerces, ant, couchDB), I think 
we should be including something about "copyright HP" in the NOTICE to 
recognize the copyrights pre-ASF.
(Unless someone can point to a definitive statement to the contrary)


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