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From Chris Dollin <>
Subject ANN: Elda 1.2.5 released
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 14:50:46 GMT
Dear All

I am happy to announce the release of Elda 1.2.5 (Epimorphics' [1] 
implementation of the Linked Data API [2]. Elda is available from
the downloads page [3] of Elda is
open source available by cloning its Mercurial repository [4].

The Linked Data API provides a configurable way to access RDF data 
using simple RESTful URLs that are translated into queries to a SPARQL 
endpoint. The API developer writes an API spec (in RDF) which specifies
how to translate URLs into queries. Elda comes with some pre-built 
examples which allow you to experiment with this style of query and 
get started with building your own specs.

The release notes for Elda 1.2.5 are available at [5]. The significant
change in this release is that renderers can stream and are no
longer restricted to producing (unicode) characters.

Discussion of Elda is preferably conducted on the linked-data-api-discuss
Google group (registration required) (although I will not ignore mail
sent to






"You're down as expendable. You don't get a weapon."    /Dark Lord of Derkholm/

Epimorphics Ltd,
Registered address: Court Lodge, 105 High Street, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6PT
Epimorphics Ltd. is a limited company registered in England (number 7016688)

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