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From Dave Reynolds <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Jena 2.7.0
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 17:03:32 GMT
On Wed, 2011-12-14 at 17:45 +0000, Andy Seaborne wrote: 
> Hi,
> Here vote on a release build for Jena 2.7.0
> Versions:
> jena-top   0-incubating
> jena-iri   0.9.0-incubating
> jena-code  2.7.0-incubating
> jena-arq   2.9.0-incubating
> jena-zip   2.7.0-incubating
> Staging repository:
> Proposed dist/ area:
> Keys:


Fantastic job Andy!!

Checked basic signatures, hashes, BUILD/LICENSE/NOTICE files, maven
install from sources and test of random jena code using the results of
maven install. All fine as far as I can see

Trivial nits that don't affect release:

# Release message:


Possible also s/jena-zip/apache-jena/ to match the artefact name.

# BUILD files for all projects 

These reference in various places to:
whereas the candidate release artefacts are all called:

# jena-core README.txt

Refers to doc/readme.html which does not exist any more.

# jena-core ReleaseNotes.txt

Top entry is for "Jena 2.6.5" shouldn't that be 2.7.0?
(It's right in apache-jena/ReleaseNotes-Jena.txt).

# jena-arq pom.xml

The maven-resources-plugin is declared twice which causes Maven (3.0.3)
to complain:

Some problems were encountered while building the effective model for
[WARNING] 'build.plugins.plugin.(groupId:artifactId)' must be unique but
found duplicate declaration of plugin
org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-resources-plugin @ line 200, column 15

# jena-arq README.txt

For setting up the command line arguments the README talks about setting
JENAROOT. If I try that the scripts complain that they were expecting

Might be worth explicitly mentioning in here that when working from an
ARQ source release and wanting to set up command line use then you also
need to do:
   mvn -DoutputDirectory=lib dependency:copy-dependencies

# apache-jena-sources DEPENDENCIES

Looks odd in having several duplicate entries (three references to each
of jena-core and jena-arq for example) and having xerces as being from
an unknown organization.

# apache-jena-sources BUILD

s/alternativbely, yo/alternatively, you/


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