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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Docs updated
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:43:08 GMT
Hearing no objections, I've pushed staging to public.  Would still like 
to hear views on the naming of Jena "contribs" though.


On 20/11/11 18:54, Ian Dickinson wrote:
> A couple more updates to the web documentation:
> - I've migrated the eyeball docs under documentation/tools [1] (Chris:
> can you please check this and update as necessary)
> - I've added the old notes on the reification SPI and API, and the
> enhanced-nodes howto, as documentation/notes/jena-internals.html. This
> is quite old content now, so I'm not averse to just leaving it out.
> Opinions?
> The main TODO's that remain related to the downloads: I don't know where
> the downloads will be able to be, er, downloaded from once we have the
> build process sorted out. Various bits of docs refer to 'download this
> <the download area>' - I've tried to leave TODO notes in place so that
> we can go and sort that out once it's clear where we should be pointing
> people to.
> I haven't yet migrated the old contribs page [2]. I presume that there's
> no reason not to do this? I also presume that it will need renaming,
> since we'd want to avoid any connotations that these are contribitions
> *to* Jena. Any suggestions?
> Apart from the contribs, I think the old content is now migrated into
> staging.
> The other big white-space in the site is the intermediate-level
> documentation, which sits, thematically, between the low-level tutorials
> and the detailed documentation. This is new content to be written, not
> old stuff to migrate. I think the main sticking point here is where to
> put example code, but I'll bring that up in the next message.
> As ever, please have a check round the staging site and either fix or
> report any problems that you find.
> Ian
> [1]
> [2]

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