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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Request to volunteer to update documentation
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:24:51 GMT
On 23/11/11 00:17, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> A little more.  Someplace in the build-bot staging HTML is generated.
> I believe you can embed HTML in the mdtext also.
Yes, that is correct.

> I am not clear how much of the final page is static and how much is
> generated on demand in response to access to the pages.
It's all static. The mdtext -> html conversion is run by buildbot when 
the pages are committed to svn.

> This reminds me of one problem of this model for the sake of having
> an ASF-friendly management and oversight structure.  It makes it
> difficult for an author to preview their work without creating
> patches and waiting to see what happens.
What you do in this case is install the CMS tools locally:

I work by checking out the source locally, and running the markdown 
daemon on my system. It's also possible to edit in-place using the CMS 
bookmarklets, but that requires commit access to the svn. For 
non-committers, the best way is to make edits locally, generate a patch, 
and submit it to Jira.


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