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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Paolo's mvn problems
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 10:26:22 GMT
Hi Andy

Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 22/11/11 02:27, Benson Margulies wrote:
>>> By the way, do you know any good and well managed example of a
>>> multi-module
>>> (Apache) project with different versions/life cycles for each module?
>> Not, I think, in the sense that you mean.
>> All my experience concerns two categories of project: monoliths, like
>> CXF, and ant farms, like Maven.
>> You can model CXF as one big build tree with many modules that are
>> released on a completely locked lifecycle.
>> Maven, on the other hand, has 27 independently-release items. They are
>> only and always released independently. No one ever makes a release of
>> maven-and-its-plugins. The Maven PMC makes releases of all the
>> different items, each on their own schedule. So no one is ever trying
>> to make a single artifact with all the sources of all of them, it
>> wouldn't make sense.
>> It seems to me that Jena wants to be more maven-like than CXF-like.
> "Jena wants" to be CXF-like in so far there is a single zip non-maven
> users can download and use locally. 

An attempt to produce this "single zip non-maven users can download and use locally":
Name needs to change from jena-dist-* to apache-jena-* (done, testing right now).

> I'd been working to a model of one
> release per sub-system (hence worrying about incubator-general@
> bandwidth).  That seems to have gone by the wayside at the last minute.


JenaDist does not substitute what we have, it complements it. For example,
say you want to do a new release of ARQ. JenaDist will not be involved in
doing that. You check out ARQ and do as usual.

Only if you want to distribute the new ARQ to non-maven users via a
single zip (as the one shown above) you will need to (eventually) use
JenaDist or other ways to produce that zip.

> Both first-time users and experienced users do not use maven either
> because they want a simpler experience or because they manage code
> locally to insulate themselves from maven.
> The single zip is just want a collection of jars (and
> ideally-but-not-necessarily associated source code).  

Adding a lib-src/ directory with the source .jar for the jena-* modules
would be good. So far, I failed to do that.

> It does not need to be buildable locally; it does not include the parallel "test" stuff.
> JenaDest, as I understood it, builds the zip (it's still missing various
> files). It does not (can not?) produce the "source-release" very easily.

The source release for JenaDist is (could be) this:
The name needs to change (done, testing right now).


>  We can do that separately.
>     Andy

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