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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Paolo's mvn problems
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 10:01:21 GMT
On 22/11/11 02:27, Benson Margulies wrote:
>> By the way, do you know any good and well managed example of a multi-module
>> (Apache) project with different versions/life cycles for each module?
> Not, I think, in the sense that you mean.
> All my experience concerns two categories of project: monoliths, like
> CXF, and ant farms, like Maven.
> You can model CXF as one big build tree with many modules that are
> released on a completely locked lifecycle.
> Maven, on the other hand, has 27 independently-release items. They are
> only and always released independently. No one ever makes a release of
> maven-and-its-plugins. The Maven PMC makes releases of all the
> different items, each on their own schedule. So no one is ever trying
> to make a single artifact with all the sources of all of them, it
> wouldn't make sense.
> It seems to me that Jena wants to be more maven-like than CXF-like.

"Jena wants" to be CXF-like in so far there is a single zip non-maven 
users can download and use locally.  I'd been working to a model of one 
release per sub-system (hence worrying about incubator-general@ 
bandwidth).  That seems to have gone by the wayside at the last minute.

Both first-time users and experienced users do not use maven either 
because they want a simpler experience or because they manage code 
locally to insulate themselves from maven.

The single zip is just want a collection of jars (and 
ideally-but-not-necessarily associated source code).  It does not need 
to be buildable locally; it does not include the parallel "test" stuff.

JenaDest, as I understood it, builds the zip (it's still missing various 
files). It does not (can not?) produce the "source-release" very easily. 
  We can do that separately.


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