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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Paolo's mvn problems
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 01:50:45 GMT
Paolo Castagna wrote:
> The file in target/ should have
> a lib-src/ with the -sources.jar files of the Jena artifacts. How do I do this?
> Even if we decide not to use this for Jena, this is something I am interested
> in since I might use it elsewhere.

Another source of confusion is caused by the presence of a file named: in the target/

This is the source-release of the JenaDist module which is clearly empty
and it does not contain what you find in the file named:
JenaDist, since it aggregates multiple modules, does not behave as all
the other single artifact modules.

Do you know how can I avoid, only for the JenaDist module, to have the created?

Please, note that the JenaDist's pom.xml file uses as a parent pom
JenaTop which uses Apache's one [1]. It is this one which generates
the via the apache-release profile.

I tried to override the <profile>, but it does not seem to work.



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