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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: JenaDist
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 22:15:23 GMT

I'm confused - could you explain how this would be used in our release?

When I looked at the weekend, it seemed to be building a zip file by 
using dependences.  That made sense to me - each project is made (using 
-Papache-release to get the required "source-release" artifacts - these 
are the gold zips that the vote is actually on.  The jars and 
distributions are secondary; they just happen to be what people actually 
use).  We now have all the bytes in the maven repo.

Then run JenaDist to repacked these bytes into a zip file so people 
aren't forced to use maven to get Jena.

Now JenaDist seems to be building jars - which means the jars are 
different from those places in "source-release" artifacts.

I didn't get anything I understood from -Papache-release (it has 
duplicate files).  -Papache-release produces the master file with 
classifier "source-release" which is the thing that is technically released. is 16849 bytes.

As this is basically a one-shot release (or at least a few), my 
understanding from looking at the weekend was that by using 
dependencies, we got the jars we needed (the same jars as the build of 
each project produced - they have build timestamps burnt into them), and 
then if there were a bash script before hand that copies in the other 
files (e.g. release notes for each module)  and then run maven to 
assembly the thing nicely.  OK - it's not beautiful but it ships exactly 
the bytes of the other project's builds.  "sources" can be done crudely 
if you don't get a response from maven-users@

By the way - if you use <finalName> in an assembly plugin, then 
"install" it, the name changes:

I see this:

[INFO] Installing 

but as RAT produces file jena-dist-2.6.5-incubating*

I gave up trying to produce anything other than a zip with the artifact 
name.  <finalName> is only useful if you don't install.


On 21/11/11 20:19, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added a JenaDist module here:
> The aim of this module is to create the Apache Jena distribution
> (including jena-core, jena-iri, jena-arq, jena-larq and jena-tdb).
> It is not perfect, but it's better than nothing.
> Two files are produced:
> (22 MB)
> (19 MB)
> The has this structure:
>    bat/
>    bin/
>    bin2/
>    javadoc/
>      jena-arq/
>      jena-core/
>      jena-iri/
>      jena-larq/
>      jena-tdb
>    lib/
>    LICENSE.txt
>    NOTICE.txt
>    README.txt
> I failed to add a lib-src/ directory with the -sources.jar of our modules.
> The has this structure:
>    jena-arq/
>    jena-core/
>    jena-dist/
>    jena-iri/
>    jena-larq/
>    jena-tdb/
>    jena-top/
>    LICENSE.txt
>    NOTICE.txt
>    README.txt
> With this you are supposed to be able to recreate the file.
> However, I had problems with the names of the directories and Eclipse
> project names. My suggestion is to rename Eclipse project names as the
> directories above. (There is also a comment in the pom.xml file and I
> posted a patch which shows the changes that I would like we apply).
> Please, have a look and let me know if you see problems.
> Cheers,
> Paolo
> PS:
> There are a few [WARNING] messages which I'd like to eliminate, but so
> far I failed in doing so... the ones from Javadoc should be trivial, I
> have not look at those (yet).

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