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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject TDB: packaging is fine... we have a few issue still under investigation.
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 22:31:48 GMT
I did not find problems with the packaging of TDB. Kudos to Andy.
A minor issue was that the distribution zip file was missing the sources
jar (as ARQ does, for example). Fixed.

These are the issues related to TDB currently open:

   JENA-2 - create a more end-to-end example of how one can use TDB
   JENA-8 - Possibly plausible example of loading RDF/OWL into TDB and
            querying it fails
  JENA-46 - Assembler registration improperly located
  JENA-63 - Add LARQ to Fuseki distribution
JENA-102 - tdbloader creates stats.opt file in existing DB
JENA-106 - Merge joins in TDB
JENA-117 - A pure Java version of tdbloader2
JENA-133 - provide configurability of cache sizes
JENA-143 - QueryExecution.abort seems to corrupt TxTDB when interrupting
            transactional queries
JENA-144 - An optimimsation for queries with FILTER ((?date > "..."
            ^^xsd:dateTime) && (?date < "..."^^xsd:dateTime))
JENA-161 - TDB Transaction deadlock
JENA-163 - TDBException: Different ids for <uri>: allocated: expected [...],
            got [...]

These are certainly not a blocker for a release: JENA-2, JENA-8, JENA-46,
JENA-63, JENA-102, JENA-106, JENA-117, JENA-133, JENA-144.

I am less sure about: JENA-143, JENA-161 and JENA-163. (Tomorrow, I'll see
if I can help on any of these. First, trying to reproduce them with an easy
and maybe sequential test, if at all possible).

Next is Jena.


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