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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject ARQ: all fine! :-)
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:25:01 GMT
I had a look at the ARQ artifacts and the .zip file.
I see no problems with those. Kudos to Andy.

We include the pom.xml in the file, which is
good, but it does not mean people can actually used the pom.xml

Everything worked fine with me and I see no problems inspecting
jars and zip files.

 From JIRA, the open "issues" associated to the ARQ component are:

JENA-10  - GeoARQ: a geo location property function for ARQ
JENA-56  - JENA-29 Add timeout processing to QueryEngineHTTP
JENA-93  - Permit cancelAllowDrain on a per query basis
JENA-119 - Eliminate memory bounds during query execution
JENA-121 - Improvements to Bindings
JENA-126 - Change temporary table threshold policy from count to memory size
JENA-142 - Scope tracking of variables does not work for UNION.
JENA-157 - DataBag needs to pre-merge spill files
JENA-159 - Extend SPARQL LOAD to load quad format files

JENA-121 is still open, it is not clear to me if anything is left
to do or we could close it (as fixed).

JENA-142 is probably the only "bug" we have from the list above.
But, it's probably not a blocker for a release.

Everything else can wait and it certainly is not blocking a
release of ARQ.

Next is LARQ.


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