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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Jena RDB : Progress report
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:48:28 GMT
As this step isn't a usual thing to do, this is a "head up" on removing 
RDB from Jena.

I've gone in and removed RDB from the codebase and chased down 
consequences as best I can. The risk is anything dynamic such as 
assemblers (e.g. owl imports and ModelSource) is affected.

Clearing the vocabularies (assembler.n3, jena-model-spec.n3) is also 
done but harder to check.

Remaining: clearup the documentation (I think that only means the 
assembler documentation - the main RDB documentation wasn't ported to 

One piece to consider is the "persistent ontology" example.  I removed 
for now.  A replacement is not critical IMO for release as RDB has been 
deprecated for some time now.

Shout if any of this is going to lead to problems - the subversion info is:

New Revision: 1200999

New Revision: 1201015

and it means that the cloc(1) report is:

Module       files          blank        comment           Java
Jena2(+RDB)   1324          29574          79048         127164
Jena2(-RDB)   1230          26671          72222         114859


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