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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: JENA-110 (remove RDB)
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 22:44:46 GMT
Hi Andy

Andy Seaborne wrote:
>>> I added JENA-110 (remove RDB) because it wil not get properly tested
>>> anyway). As preparation, I've tagged the codebase to make the
>>> post-license text changes, last-of-RDB state findable in case someone
>>> needes to drag it out of the vault.
>> A patch is available, but I might have missed things (and I did not test
>> it properly, just run the Jena test suite and check things would have
>> worked for SDB only.
> There is a patch for the source code of Jena only (and I apologise that 
> the patch no longer aligned to the codebase because of the license text 
> rewrites).  The tagged code really does need to be with the Apache 
> license on it.


I imagine the patch will not apply cleanly anymore. It has only value in
showing what's the stuff which needs to be removed.

> Not sure what "would have worked for SDB only" means; SDB has an unused 
> RDB adpater and the support configuration files.

When I did the patch, I tested that nothing that as been removed was used
by SDB (since I did not know that for sure). The only two instances were
actually unused code which is good.

I am not 100% sure if removing assemblers for RDB has implications for
things such as Joseki. I did not have time to check that.

> Either the documentation (i.e. doc/) is fixed up, albeit crudely, or do 
> we drop doc/ now? (I've taken it out of the zip assembly)

Did we decide/agree to remove doc/ and have the documentation on-line?
If not, I would prefer to have just one place where the documentation
is and one place to update when documentation needs to be updated.


>     Andy

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