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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject JENA-110 (remove RDB)
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 21:58:05 GMT
>> I added JENA-110 (remove RDB) because it wil not get properly tested
>> anyway). As preparation, I've tagged the codebase to make the
>> post-license text changes, last-of-RDB state findable in case someone
>> needes to drag it out of the vault.
> A patch is available, but I might have missed things (and I did not test
> it properly, just run the Jena test suite and check things would have
> worked for SDB only.

There is a patch for the source code of Jena only (and I apologise that 
the patch no longer aligned to the codebase because of the license text 
rewrites).  The tagged code really does need to be with the Apache 
license on it.

Not sure what "would have worked for SDB only" means; SDB has an unused 
RDB adpater and the support configuration files.

Either the documentation (i.e. doc/) is fixed up, albeit crudely, or do 
we drop doc/ now? (I've taken it out of the zip assembly)


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