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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: What are the JIRA issues to fix before a release?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 13:41:37 GMT
On 04/11/11 13:07, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Hi,
> today, I have time to work on Jena.
> What are the JIRA issues to fix before a release?
> Paolo


== Simon

JENA-131 (TxTDB problem during concurrent execution)
JENA-143 (QueryExecution.abort seems to corrupt TxTDB when interrupting 
transactional queries)

== Stephen

spill-to-disk configuration option:

as part of JENA-119 (Eliminate memory bounds during query execution)

== Andy

JENA-110 (Remove RDB from Jena)
   and it's documentation
   and there is some experiment, unused stuff in SDB.


I added JENA-110 (remove RDB) because it wil not get properly tested 
anyway).  As preparation, I've tagged the codebase to make the 
post-license text changes, last-of-RDB state findable in case someone 
needes to drag it out of the vault.

JENA-131 and JENA-141 are TDB only.

JENA-131: we have a cause (multiple read transactions over a stack of 2 
or more unflushed write transactions) but not yet a proper fix.


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