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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Git mirrors for Jena projects
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 23:14:22 GMT
On 07/11/11 16:19, Damian Steer wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On 07/11/11 14:34, Alexander Dutton wrote:
>> Hi all,
> Hi Alex,
>> I'd like to ask Infrastructure to set up Git mirrors for Jena
>> projects. The list I'd propose is:
> <snip>
>> jena-jenatop.git —
> I wonder about this one, simply on the grounds that it might disappear
> at some point.

Yes although I think it's hard to foresee a setup where there isn't some 
sort of top-POM.  It just might have a better name!

It does not contain code though and the artifact is published. Maybe we 
don't need to do this project just yet.  It's not necessary to have 

The individual projects all have Eclipse projects checked in.  You do 
need to do "mvn dependency:resolve dependency:sources" to get the things 
the project depend on.  (Or eclipse:eclispe and make your own project or 

 >> jena-joseki.git —

Fuseki is the replacement for Joseki and it's all there now.

Mayeb skip this one for now.

>> Does this sound like a Good Idea? It's possible that jena-jenatop
>> might want to be jena-top, and jena-core something else.

jena-core is fine - there's a reasonable chance there always will be a 
"core" even if stuff is moved out into its own module.  A "core" of 
Gragh/Triple/Node seems quite likely.

> Yep, I think it's a good idea.


>> I'd hope that setting up Git mirrors would make it easier for some
>> people to contribute. There's documentation on how to use Git in
>> the patch-creation workflow at
>> <>.
> +1. I agree that this would make life easier for external contributors
> (although they could use the excellent git svn). Managing development
> is a pain when you can't commit. Its merging is also much more
> pleasant, a significant factor if you've branched from a live code base.

Minor point -- external contributors need to be aware they can't push 
contributions (something for the "getting involved" page?)


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