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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Missing NOTICE Information?
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 17:17:14 GMT
Agreed about SGAs versus needing to repeat a license because it is a condition of the license.
 I used this as an example relative to the concern about compactness of NOTICE, not an assumption
that you had the specific case I used to keep the key information at the top of NOTICE where
it is easy to see.

 - Dennis

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From: Andy Seaborne [] On Behalf Of Andy Seaborne
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 05:10
Subject: Re: Missing NOTICE Information?

On 23/11/11 22:26, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Yes, don't make up copyright notices.  However, attribution is
> important, so it may be important to say something.
> My role model for this, before I started paying attention to Apache
> projects, were the THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME files that Sun installed
> with all of their binary distributions, including for
> releases.
> I am not so concerned about the NOTICE getting a bit lengthy so long
> as folks realize what it is.  If license statements need to be
> reproduced, as in the case of a BSD-equivalent, my one recent
> experiment at a NOTICE on a (derivative) work of my own making has
> that at the bottom of the NOTICE file below the more-brief "portions
> of ... " acknowledgments for third-party-origin material.  The
> license text is a numbered reference. (I think 2nd party is a direct
> contributor yes, where the 1st party is the downstream producer of
> the derivative works, i.e., an Apache project?  Or is it the
> reverse?)
> This approach keeps the attribution summaries brief and at the top
> where they can be reviewed easily.  I go so far as to say where the
> original work can be found upstream if I can.  That's a personal
> policy.
> The pattern is that provenance is clear and that someone adopting or
> examining my software also has a friendly pointer to any
> still-available original for satisfying their own interests, finding
> other goodies, etc.  I also provide upstream patches to simple things
> I notice.  (I must get around to some of that at the moment [;<).
> - Dennis

I think the confusion is that we are not using the code under a 

As I understand it (which is limited understanding), is that HP made a 
software grant to ASF identifying code on SourceForge.  The Import/ is 
the copy for the record.

We are using the code via the license to Apache, not the BSD-style 
license.  (This gets confusing because, in BSD, the copyright statement 
is in the license text block.)

[ ... ]

I'm more than happy to acknowledge all that HP has contributed - indeed, 
if not in the formal part, somewhere else.  We wouldn't be here today 
without HP's investment.


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