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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Request to volunteer to update documentation
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:17:32 GMT
A little more.  Someplace in the build-bot staging HTML is generated.  I believe you can embed
HTML in the mdtext also.  

I am not clear how much of the final page is static and how much is generated on demand in
response to access to the pages.

This reminds me of one problem of this model for the sake of having an ASF-friendly management
and oversight structure.  It makes it difficult for an author to preview their work without
creating patches and waiting to see what happens.  It's not like the wikis where preview is
immediately available.

Maybe I just don't know enough about the Apache CMS web-building tool-chain to conquer that

 - Dennis

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 15:45
Subject: RE: Request to volunteer to update documentation

The mdtext is usually MarkDown notation.  You can find a description on the Internet.  Think
of it as a kind of wikiText for web sites.

Apache has a home-grown CMS that uses SVN as a publication and version control device.  (It
is called Apache CMS but there is no such project -- it is homebrew with ASF Infrastructure

What I now describe is assuming that is the publication process for Jena:

Buildbots move check-ins to a staging web site for review and from there to the public site
location on a LAMP server.

Andy and company can tell you the mapping between the SVN locations and the final server URLs.
 You should compare the SVN of markup with some known pages to see what is authored (in the
content subtree) and what is provided by styling and templating.

 - Dennis

PS: When you make edits to a working copy (assuming you are not creating new pages), the SVN
software has a way to derive a diff (a patch) between what you have in your working copy and
the latest version on the server. That is what you submit as a patch, usually inline in an
e-mail or as an attachment.  

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From: George Vamos [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 14:17
Subject: Re: Request to volunteer to update documentation

Hi Andy:

Thanks for the reply. 

1. I downloaded the svn tree you mentioned, and see a lot of ".mdtext" files.  Is there a
tutorial for this format? Is there a tool to convert ".mdtext" to HTML?  In general, do you
guys have a "standard" tooling setup?

2. Should I add documentation issues to Jira, or should I describe the issue at the top of
the email, and your committers would add an issue with the patch if they consider it valid?
 (As an aside, I would be happy to write a "howto" for the basic process if it is explained
to me.)

3. You seem to be the main driver in the project, so I am flattered with your reply.  On the
other hand, is there someone who could mentor me a bit (you, or someone else, hopefully not
take too much time) so I can come up to speed, without cluttering up your main mailing list.
 Additionally, I would like to discuss offline where new pages (reading lists, howtos, mini-tutorials)
 would best be added, so it stays consistent with whatever documentation architecture you
guys want to maintain.

4. If you wish, I can just make patches and send them in (once I figure out the workings of
the ".mdtext") but I think I could do a better job if I establish a 1-to-1 connection with
someone in your group.  If you cannot designate a person, of course I can still send patches,
but I the results would not be as good.

Thanks in advance;

--George Vamos

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From: "Andy Seaborne" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 10:51:32 AM
Subject: Re: Request to volunteer to update documentation

Hi George,

The documentation is moving to Apache:

and the documentation is now maintained in Jena SVN at Apache:

and we are discontinuing the non-Apache sites and wiki.

The way to contribute is to submit a patch to JIRA for Jena (same as for 
the code!).

This is the right mailing list for discussions about the site and the 
rest of Jena. All the committers for the project are subscribed here ... 
and JIRA will send emails if anything is added there.

Links out to tutorials and examples sounds like an excellent idea.

(sorry for the delay in replying - information overload)


On 17/11/11 22:38, George Vamos wrote:
> Guys:
> I would like to help out with Jena documentation.
> My name is George Vamos, I am a Jena user at Second Sight Medical
> Products in Los Angeles.  I would like to volunteer to update your
> wiki pages, starting with Fuseki, making it more newbie friendly:
> 1.  I would like to add a reference section, For example, a link to
> Bob Ducharme's Learning Sparql
> (  Other books may
> also be listed.
> 2.  Add links to more tutorial materials and examples on the web,
> with some description of what they are about.
> 2.  Add some more detailed use case examples, including were to get
> sample data.
> Please add me to the mailing list, and if possible, I would
> appreciate the ability to edit your Wiki.
> I want to expand the Wiki to support a Los Angeles area "Coding Dojo"
> beginner/intermediate semantic web class, while making the
> documentation broadly available. I hope to keep the examples and text
> as brief and simple as possible.
> Also, I would appreciate pointers, feedback and any further
> improvements by your more advanced members.  if you have a
> documentation point person, I would initially prefer working with
> that one person.
> On the other hand, until I learn a whole lot more about how the
> system works, I am unlikely to contribute code.  (Maybe later...)  I
> am not asking for SVN commit rights.
> Please let me know if this is doable, and if so, how.
> Regards;
> --George Vamos 818/326-0462
> PS:  I hope this is the correct mailing address for this request.  If
> not, please let me know what I should do.

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