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From Damian Steer <>
Subject Re: parsing RDF/XML sub-part with stax, using Jena?
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 11:37:29 GMT

On 19 Oct 2011, at 12:17, Andy Seaborne wrote:

> StAX2SAX requires Java6 for*  This is the straw.

Bah, sorry. The project is set for source 1.5, but it won't catch that.

It's ARQ that requires StAX, of course.

> I'll reset the checked-in Eclipse settings to be compatible and start updating all the
other projects.
> I get 3 warnings in Eclipse in StAX2SAX.  Having a warnign free codebase is really helpful
to a release manager.

All @Override? That's a 1.6 change, isn't it?

/me sees nothing in netbeans.

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