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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Jenkins builds - various
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2011 15:49:46 GMT
Andy Seaborne wrote:
> I may have "fixed" the build for "Jena IRI".
> Having created a temporary job that worked, I deleted the Jenkins job 
> completely and created a new one.
> Otherwise it was seeing old files (specifically, a POM with a relative 
> parent; also I had one instance of it reporting a parse error in the 
> parent POM chain ... but I hadn't checked anything in.
> The error occurs elsewhere (e.g. Jena_Core) but I've run out of energy 
> to fix that, then the next one and the next one, ....
> Deleting the workspace of a job does not fix the problem, nor does a 
> clean checkout.
> Slave machine "windows1" looks to be a bad machine to get for a job. But 
> it seems to be the machine you get if you don't restrict the job, 
> possibly it's lightly because it doesn't work very well but I can't 
> gather concrete evidence.
> I'm setting jobs to "ubuntu"
> Sorry about the noise on jena-commits ...

Hi Andy

Just an hypothesis to explain these problems.

The machines used by Jenkins have a Maven repository used to cache artifacts
including pom.xml files. Maybe, for some reason, one or more pom.xml files in
the Maven cache on the machines used by Jenkins have not been updated.

Feel free to ignore Jenkins and just make all the changes you want to make,
I'll then look at what's going on with Jenkins and fix the problems.
Don't waste time with it, if you don't want to.

Having two pom.xml files double the amount of testing, having some projects
using pom.xml (old) and pom2.xml (new) and other use pom.xml (new) and
pom1.xml (old), just increase the probability of making mistakes.


>     Andy

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