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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Patches and responses
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:27:24 GMT
I just want to add my apologies on this.

I acted too quickly and I committed the proposed changes without
experiencing the issue myself.

Not an excuse, but SVN is there for helping dealing with mistakes.
Again, not an excuse, but in this case the patch changed only 2
lines, so easy reversible.
I left the issue marked as "Resolved", but I did not "Close" it.
I usually do this to signal that a confirmation from others would
be good. Indeed, this is what happened.

We can now all focus on finding what's the cause of this problem.
If it's a bug, I just want to identify it and fix it.


Andy Seaborne wrote:
> Simon,
> You wrote (JENA-131)
> """
> I don't like the way this is handled.
> """
> We can not automatically apply a patch the moment it arrives.
> You may find it inconvenient that a patch, that works for something only 
> you observe, and only reported by you on the IBM JRE, is delayed.
> What would speed the process up is responding to questions on the JIRA 
> give sufficient details to recreate the situation.
> Key here is understanding why the patch works for you.  Maybe it is 
> masking a deeper flaw.
>     Andy

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