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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: Build problems
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 20:20:47 GMT
On 17/10/11 16:52, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> This is unstable because it run on Ubuntu1; in #8 it ran on Ubuntu2 and
>> passed.
>> Is there anyway we can delete the state of everything and start again?
>> At the moment, CI fails quite frequently for no reason (i.e. when there
>> is no change to the codebase, and it fails in a deterministic test)
>> Restricting it to Ubuntu2 seems pointless - a problem that will
>> resurface somewhere else.
>> It's already set to "Always check out a fresh copy"
>> (I've reordered the tests just for the sake of making a change as well)
>> I don't get this error when running locally nor when I building for
>> Apache (mvn2 or mvn3).
> ConfigTest.getTestingDirDB() is "tmp/testing/DB".
> init() creates those directories only once, if the static boolean initialized is false.
> TestTransRestart deletes that directory in the cleanup() method.
> TestTransRestart setup() method tries to recreate it via FileOps.ensureDir(path) which
uses File.mkdir() (not mkdirs).
> Can this be the cause of the problems?

I don't think so - it would fail always if this were the case.

@Before does:

     cleanup() ;
     FileOps.ensureDir(path) ;

so the directory is deleted, then FileOps.ensureDir is called anyway and 
the directory recreated, fresh and empty.

Also the directory is used by other tests in the suite.

Could try creating/ensuring it once @BeforeClass and doing a clean.

> It does not account for why does not fail on ubuntu2|4 or locally though.
> Could it be a file permissions issue?

It is used by other tests in the suite and I'd expect deterministic 
failures on all "ubuntu" nodes because the jobs delete everything and 
check out again.

> Using "/tmp" instead of a temporary directory in the workspace (i.e. "tmp") seems to
solve this problem.

i.e. a fresh-per-run directory.
(minor but by keeping the workspace in the project is gets left behind 
in case of real failures (this is when developing))

What about using


but if "/tmp" works, leave it (I am just suspicious it will reappear).


> Paolo

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