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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Build problems
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:00:58 GMT
Hi Andy

Andy Seaborne wrote:
> This is unstable because it run on Ubuntu1; in #8 it ran on Ubuntu2 and
> passed.

I am try to think what the cause could be...


... and something go wrong when we try to spot which OS tests are running on?

> Is there anyway we can delete the state of everything and start again?
> At the moment, CI fails quite frequently for no reason (i.e. when there
> is no change to the codebase, and it fails in a deterministic test)
> Restricting it to Ubuntu2 seems pointless - a problem that will
> resurface somewhere else.


> It's already set to "Always check out a fresh copy"
> (I've reordered the tests just for the sake of making a change as well)
> I don't get this error when running locally nor when I building for
> Apache (mvn2 or mvn3).
> -----
> ARQ Nightly #4 had been running for 8 hours (on Ubuntu2, so that machine
> wasn't free for the TDB/Nightly job).

Each job is configured to fail if stuck for more 30 minutes.

> ARQ Nightly has an error "pom2.xml" no such file, but I see pom2.xml in
> SVN.
> I restarted it and it succeeded.
> -----
> Do we need to run a nightly build if there has been no changes (e.g. IRI)?

No. The aim is to publish SNAPSHOTs as soon as there is a change in SVN.
So, that the SNAPSHOTs in the Apache Maven repository are always up to date.

I'll rename "nighly" to "snapshot" and instead of schedule them every night
I make them check for SVN updates.

When pom2.xml files go away, there will be no need for these additional jobs.
We will have only one job per module (and that could publish SNAPSHOTs when
code changes.


>     Andy
> On 17/10/11 01:08, Apache Jenkins Server wrote:
> Subject: Jenkins build became unstable:  Jena_TDB_Nightly #9
> See<>

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