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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: JenaPerf and datasets...
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 08:19:21 GMT

Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 15/10/11 18:46, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> Andy Seaborne wrote:
>>> On 11/10/11 08:12, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>>>> Hi Andy,
>>>> are you planning to put a few datasets in SVN together with the
>>>> queries in JenaPerf?
>>>> I saw a data directory for LUBM but not data in it:
>>>>   From a user perspective it would be great to just do:
>>>>     svn co
>>>> JenaPerf
>>>>     cd JenaPerf
>>>>     ./run
>>>> Installing any of LUBM, BSBM or SP2B (although not incredibly
>>>> complicate) isn't trivial.
>>> LUBM: The generator and test driver code is GPL.  The queries I have are
>>> taken from the published paper, translated by me to SPARQL so can they
>>> be distributed.  Data can be generated.
>> Could we generate some datasets using LUBM and make them available
>> somewhere
>> in SVN to checkout together with JenaPerf so that users wanting to run
>> via JenaPerf do not need to generate data using LUBM themselves?
> It's more complicated : some of the benchmarks are pointless when small.


> svn is not the place for gigabyte binaries.  We could put data up
> somewhere in file space.


> Is the place?
> Is there another filespace for projects in Apache?
> It takes hours to upload the files.  And don't forget about files >4G.
>> Or, if adding datasets to JenaPerf causes problem from a licensing
>> point of
>> view, could we generate a few LUBM datasets and made them available to
>> download
>> somewhere else and make JenaPerf downloading them when you need to run
>> queries?
> No licensing issues I can see.  It's the generator java code that
> explicitly states it's GPL.


> You are running on a GPL OS.  Does that make the output of "echo foo"
> GPL?  What about the output of gcc(1)?
>> The reason why I'd like to add datasets in addition to the queries is
>> to make
>> life easier for users. It would be good to just checkout/download
>> JenaPerf and
>> run it without the need to install LUBM, BSBM and/or SP2B and generate
>> datasets
>> using those.
> Checking out from svn is not the way to deliver for convenient use. Much
> better to release precompiled binaries because they may be ruuning tests
> on a machine without javacc.  (Or scala)



>     Andy

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