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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Roadmap? (Was: Re: Site: some trivial changes and a proposal to add "getting involved" to the horizontal navigation bar)
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2011 21:26:04 GMT
Hi Ian

Ian Dickinson wrote:
> On 08/10/11 20:38, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I made some small and trivial changes to the Jena website (without
>> publishing it).
>> Feel free to change/reject any of them, if you do not agree with the
>> changes.
>> The page which makes me more unsatisfied is the "Jena Roadmap" (*):
> Well, since you were the main person advocating it, I assumed that you
> would fill in some content. Not quite sure how we go about creating a
> consensus roadmap though.

>From my (and Talis) point of view:

 - scalability and performance (loading and querying)
 - ease of use (Fuseki did a great job in that direction)
 - better modularity and a small Jena core module
 - ability to create and keep up to date custom indexes (a la LARQ)
 - authentication and authorization (added to Fuseki?)
 - high availability (a simple master/slave replication solution would do)
 - a good solution for "geo" and SPARQL
 - TxTDB (ongoing) not to block reads while write transactions are in progress
 - a scalable inference engine(?)
 - ...

If any of these is not self-explanatory, please, say so and I can add
more details, rationale and use cases.

But, as you say it's important to create consensus around these.

To me, consensus come from the every day needs.

We need the things listed above to operate our services (and they are
probably shared by anyone who would want to use Apache Jena in solutions
used in a production environment).

>> I believe it's important to give people a sense of direction.
>> The current page IMHO, perhaps, send the wrong message (i.e. no
>> direction).
> OK, but what would you say that the project's direction is?

Make Apache Jena a solid and scalable library (and server) for everyone
wanting to build (and run) solutions or services using RDF (including,
but not limited to, people and companies (who might be running businesses
with it)).

Then, on top of this, there are the everyday problems.

For example, tomorrow, I need to load 2 billion triples|quads in TDB.
How am I going to deal with that? ;-)


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