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From Ian Dickinson <>
Subject Re: Site: some trivial changes and a proposal to add "getting involved" to the horizontal navigation bar
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2011 19:59:37 GMT
On 08/10/11 20:38, Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Hi,
> I made some small and trivial changes to the Jena website (without publishing it).
> Feel free to change/reject any of them, if you do not agree with the changes.
> The page which makes me more unsatisfied is the "Jena Roadmap" (*):
Well, since you were the main person advocating it, I assumed that you 
would fill in some content. Not quite sure how we go about creating a 
consensus roadmap though.

> I believe it's important to give people a sense of direction.
> The current page IMHO, perhaps, send the wrong message (i.e. no direction).
OK, but what would you say that the project's direction is?

> Maybe we could also add something related to the fact that we are still in
> incubation and the goal is, obviously, get out of the Apache Incubator.
> Hopefully, as soon as possible or in a reasonable timeframe: 1 year? 2 years?
>   (*) As well as the ones with missing content!
> The page I care the most for the future of the project and the community around
> the project is the "Getting involved in Apache Jena":
> I tried to make it more personal and progressively show a new potential
> committer that it's not that hard to move from discussing on the jena-users|jena-dev
> mailing list, to opening JIRA issues, checking out the source code, create and
> submit a patch (and maybe, why not?, become a committer).
Nice set of changes.

> One thing that makes me unhappy is that there is not "getting involved" tab in
> the horizontal navigation. I would like to add one, but I am aware we discussed
> this already. However, I really feel strongly about this and I would like to give
> to the "getting involved" page as much as visibility as some of the other sections
> there.
> Can I commit this change?
-1 from me.

Reason: I initially proposed that we should have tab entries for each of 
the major sections of the documentation. The reaction was that this made 
the menu too wide, and eventually we settled on the major sections we 
have now. As defined, the tabs guide Jena *users* to the main sections 
of the documentation. There are also nav guides on the landing page, and 
in the 'quick links' menu section. While I would still, I think, prefer 
a tab scheme which matched all of the major sections, I'm happy with a 
position that takes a principle - focus on the needs of the end user - 
and selects the tabs accordingly.  I don't see a strong-enough case to 
add to the current user-focus principle for the getting involved tab.

In any case, I'm not sure it would meet your goal. Getting more 
contributors involved in Jena is an excellent aim. A tab on the top of 
the site won't, I wouldn't expect, make a measurable difference. Better, 
in my view, to blog, advocate in public forums, tweet, talk to candidate 
community members, outreach to related projects, publish articles in the 
technical press, etc etc. We all do some of this already. We could do more.

In terms of the site, perhaps a short paragraph on the front page might 
be more effective at encouraging new contributors. Would that work for 
you? Would you like to draft something?


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